Marketing your restaurant can often feel like a giant burden. I get that. The best ways to market your restaurant are often the most obvious. Marketing your restaurant has never been more easy, while also being the most complicated in history.

We’ve broken down some ways for marketing your restaurant that we help clients with every month. Here’s a list of some excellent ways to market your restaurant, both online and offline. Listen to the very quick recording and then read on for a quick recap and conclusion.

How to: Marketing Your Restaurant

Keep your restaurant information current

  • keep local listings up-to-date
  • social media
  • website
  • menu
  • events
  • sponsorships
  • awards

Build a community around your restaurant locations

  • Provide specials to neighboring businesses
  • Encourage your customers to check out your neighbors
  • Offer growth opportunities to your neighbors

Do good for your local community through your restaurant

  • Take part in local events
  • Sponsor fundraising events
  • Encourage your guests to “stay local”
  • Create events to benefit local charities
  • Create events to bring the community together

In Conclusion

Using the internet and your local community to boost your exposure and market your restaurant, you can see there are many different ways to grow your business. We covered some areas that will take you little extra time and help boost your daily, weekly, and monthly foot traffic. When you implement even one of these marketing tips with your restaurant, what will the impact be for you?

We believe that every piece of marketing you put out into the world should have a purpose that helps accomplish your business goals. So keep that in mind when you’re taking advantage of all these areas. Be sure that you can track, measure, and learn from successes as well as failures.

Never do anything without purpose.

If you’re considering hiring an agency or your sister’s kid to help you grow online, think hard. I strongly recommend learning a bit more before making your decision. That’s why Online Restaurant Manager works to bring you, the restauranteur, new content often. We want to help you make more informed decisions and see your restaurant grow.

Marketing your restaurant has never been this easy. If you’d like to see how our system works, give us a call and schedule your demo today.

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