Frequently Asked Questions about ORM

Get answers to commonly asked questions we have here at Online Restaurant Manager
Do I own my website, social media, and listings that ORM works on?

Yes, you own your website and website domain name, social media accounts, and any listing that we establish for your restaurant. This is a common question that we have from customers that have been burned in the past by shady agencies.

What you do not own: the ORM platform, the hosting that houses your website, strategies that we provide. These things cannot be sold as your own material, but you have access to use them as an Online Restaurant Manager customer.

How much time does this take out of my day? I'm too busy already!

Yes, you are! We handle everything for you after you’re setup on our system. Getting setup shouldn’t take more than 72 hours if you’re ready to give us access to everything and after that, we’ll check in Monthly with updates, performance reviews, and statistics.