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Is Your Website Helping… Or Hurting Your Business?

What is your website doing to help you grow your business?  If you could have 10%, 20% or even 60% more customers, what would you be able to do in your restaurant business? Get your Ultimate Website Analysis Report today. Complete the form and within 24hrs our team will connect with you to deliver and review your Ultimate Website Analysis Report.

Your website should be the central hub of information for your restaurant. You want your central hub to operate efficiently and effectively, right?

Find out how well your website is working for you and your customers:

  • Can your customers find you easily?
  • Does the site load quickly on mobile devices?
  • Will Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines find the right information to share with your customers?

What are you waiting for? Request your Ultimate Website Analysis Report now by completing the form.

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Know how your website is helping, or hurting, your restaurant in the next 24 hours without having to guess or be afraid anymore!

The Ultimate Website Analysis Report is our gift to you because we know how hard it is to RUN your restaurant AND try to keep up with your website and other online listings like Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo! and more. The internet should be as easy for you as it is for your customers.

So here’s what you’re gonna get when you request your Ultimate Website Analysis Report from Online Restaurant Manager…

Website Structural Analysis

Website Keywords Analysis

Website Competitor Analysis

Not Just Any Report

Knowing about how your website is currently performing for your customers is crucial to the success of your restaurant today.

Just like you believe in offering your guests an exceptional experience in your restaurant(s), we believe it’s worth going the extra mile. That’s why with every Ultimate Website Analysis Report, we deliver your results via phone or video call with your customer success manager.

You also get:

  • The Ultimate Location Scan Report
  • 7 Simple Ways To Grow Your Restaurant Online Blueprint
  • The Killer Restaurant Reviews Maximizer Guide
  • and 30 minutes to pick our brains with any restaurant marketing questions you might have for our team

Questions You Should Be Asking Your Website Management Team

Does my website work on Mobile?

Your customers & prospective customers are constantly searching for places near them on their Smart Phones. If your website is not what we call in the biz, “mobile ready”, Google and other search engines will actually show YOUR restaurant LOWER in the search results.

Are people finding me on Google?

Seems like a “no-brainer” question to ask, but how many times have you asked your website management team lately?

Do you know how many visitors to your website even come from “near me” searches on Google?

What are people doing do on my website?

Whether your customers are looking at your menu, or hours that you’re open, or even trying to call or get directions, it’s CRUCIAL to know who is doing what.

Never stop listening to your customers.

What Are You Waiting For??

Your restaurant business definitely needs a website analysis, so why haven’t you filled out the form at the top of the page yet? Take control of your website so your customers don’t get misinformed.


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